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Why one’s gap year should be spent volunteering abroad in Zimbabwe?

A gap year is a sabbatical necessary to rediscover oneself and to better prepare for the long and challenging journey of future adulthood. There are many ways to make the most of gap year. And in this blog, we will discuss how volunteering abroad can be valuable for all those who have just graduated from high school.

Meeting new people, culture, and realities

Traveling expands one’s worldviews and by visiting an African country like Zimbabwe there is no better way to accomplish this, other than to go spend a gap year there. Many of human prejudices regarding other cultures and religions are constructed on preconceived notions and outright propaganda. Such biases only get stronger when people don’t explore the world outside of their ambit.

By volunteering in Zimbabwe, one gets the unique opportunity to meet new people of different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. This exposure eventually helps them to understand the meaning of coexistence. In today’s murky environment, the world needs more people with such a life philosophy.

An opportunity for networking

In the contemporary cut throat corporate market, social and professional networking is key for a successful career. Most of the trips centered on volunteering abroad have people from all walks of life. Traveling with them and spending a considerable amount of time together sometimes result in establishing social and professional connections that prove to be very meaningful in the future.

Volunteering abroad in Zimbabwe instills intrinsic motivation

Volunteering generally help in kindling a sense of accomplishment in people. This internal satisfaction increases when one does it far from the home in a foreign land. Serving people just for the sake of humanity certainly works at some different level to infuse the feeling of fulfillment and motivates one intrinsically. If one is in the quest for such sense of accomplishment then volunteering gap year abroad in Zimbabwe is the answer.

An opportunity to learn a new language  

Learning any new language without formally enrolling into an academic course can be really exciting. One can explore this opportunity while volunteering abroad in the gap year. It always feels good to have an exotic language up one’s sleeve to impress the peers.

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