The Steps to Take When the Guy Isn’t Texting Back

Communication failures are no longer easy to ignore. Establishing contact is simple today, so when a glitch occurs it has to be taken as a sign of something other than an inability to reach the other person. Repeated emails, phone calls and texts rarely encourage a response when a guy isn’t texting back. It is unlikely that the man is unaware of the interested party attempting to contact him. At this point, it is important for women to stop and think about what message he is actually attempting to convey.

Consider the Circumstances

There are some genuine reasons why the response is sometimes slow. People work, sleep and spend time out with friends and away from technology. Someone may temporarily be in an area where they are not getting any phone reception. Obviously, a text or call that is not received cannot be returned. Some men may even delay answering a text or message because they prefer the upper hand in a relationship and want to avoid appearing overeager.

React With Dignity

Do not bombard anyone with messages, texts or voicemails in an attempt to get them to respond. It is perfectly acceptable to send a follow-up text if the first remains unanswered because people genuinely get busy at times and forget to respond. Late deliveries of texts are also possible. It is acceptable to send one follow-up text. Anything more than one makes the sender look needy and clingy and that is very unappealing to most men.

Wait it Out

A single message and one quick follow up shows interest in a relationship. The next move is for them to make. During this period of time, the woman should not attempt contact using other means. Do not ask around about him and never sit around and wait for them. A man with even the vaguest interest in a woman will instantly find them more appealing if she suddenly seems disinterested and happy to move on.

In the end, this situation will almost always reveal the man to be unworthy of any effort. A mature adult would tell the woman outright of his lack of interest so they could both move on. Relationships that rely on the female to practically beg the man for attention are unhealthy. It is always better to maintain self-respect and to go back out into the world in a renewed search for the right partner.