Short Course on Logos – What You Need To Know

Understanding Logo Designs

It is imperative to come up with a logo that would best represent the venture when starting a business. All businesses, including travel related companies should always have a logo. A logo is reflective of what your company is all about and it is the best representation of a business.

Creating the best logo to represent the company is one way to augment the marketing efforts of the business. It can easily attract potential clients when they get to relate what the logo of the business is all about.

There are a handful of logo themes to be used and the list below contains a few of those that are trending for this new year.


Simplicity is deemed as a timeless approach to creating a logo. Time and again, simplicity has proven its value to be hailed as the king of all logo themes.

The cleaner the logo is, the more pleasant it is to look at. There is no need to fill your logos with a lot of shapes and texts if it’s not really needed. Look for that one simple design that would be reflective of what the business is all about.

The rule of thumb is to always keep your logo as simple as possible without losing that element of having something to represent your business.

Rising Color

If the company you are managing is engaged in managing villas in Corsica, you have to carefully consider the color scheme of your design.

Using the rising color technique will simplify things and make your design look more cohesive. This technique in logo creation pertains to the practice of choosing one solid color and creating different shades of that color to come up with a gradient feel.

Rising color technique is one way to give your logo design depth and make it look more attractive and alive.

Shadows and Fades

To easily give your villas in Corsica logo design more personality, you can use the effect called shadows and effects. Employing this theme in logo creation will add texture to your design, thus making it look more appealing.

You can easily create a two-dimensional effect to your design as shadows and fades promote depth in logo designing. When using this technique, do not make the mistake of using this on texts as it will only backfire and make your words hard to read. This theme works best with lines and curves.


The overlay effect can be used in your villas in Corsica logo to provide it more depth. This style in the creation of logos is the same one that was used in the logo of the Olympic Games.

Logos that make use of this theme are appealing. It becomes catchier and can easily entice potential clients to inquire about the services you offer.