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Dos and Don’ts of Hiring a Travel Agency in Hanoi, Vietnam. Every travel agent I spoke to agreed with me on this point. If you’re organizing a huge group, need dozens of airplane tickets (like on our FLYTE groups , for which we use a travel agent), a honeymoon, a fancy itinerary, or an expensive trip, a travel agent just isn’t a terrible thought.\n\nIf I had been planning a trip that fell into a kind of categories, I’d look into a travel agent, even if it was just to test the waters. It’s something I would positively do again, but I totally hear ya on booking your individual accommodation and flights for normal” trips!\n\nI like planning & booking trips myself, but I still use agents often. My agent helped me get a better deal on a cruise for our anniversary and a credit for a cancelled flight in 2 quick cellphone calls. I believe the proper agent may be really helpful by way of finding good accommodation (eg.\n\nB’n’Bs) which may be tough to search out online, and figuring out which ones might be gay-friendly, can cater for explicit dietary or mobility needs and so forth. As a travel agent, I have to let you know this is horrible advice and we do much MUCH more than you realize… and we are rather more priceless than only being useful to guide an expensive trip.\n\nI agree with you that for someone who loves surprises and enjoying random adventures, they’ll skip a travel agent and make bookings on their own. Those who do not use an agent are entitled, I imagine, to a full refund of the commission since they never used the companies for which it is supposed.