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Hunting with Passion Will Make You Happier

Often when people think of sports or game they think of mainstream sports. Sports usually mean Football, Baseball or Soccer. When they hear game, they think quarters or halves. While all these are correct there is a group of different people who prefer their game to be lean, fast and sometimes delicious.

While hunting isn’t for everyone there is always a group of people that make it their passion. Hunting requires much more dedication than your typical sports fanatic. Whether you like smaller foxes or blackbuck antelope hunting, you need to prepare. In order to get started you have to do a lot of research on what type of animals are in your area. If you plan on traveling to hunt then you not only have to do your research for the animals, also have to look up state or country laws. Then you have to buy your tags as well as any gear. Of course, all of this comes after you are properly trained on the guns you’ll be needing.

Let us say that you have done everything right and then you are ready to get hunting. It’s definitely not as easy as going out there and wrapping it up in 15 or even 30 minutes. After the getting all your gear on and then packing all the camping supplies, 30 minutes later you are on your way! Don’t get too excited you are only on your way to set up camp or your base for the day. So once that is all set up, then you can start tracking.

Tracking is probably where over half of the people either lose interest or give up. It is probably harder than carrying 35 lbs of gear up a mountain for 1 mile. This is something you learn over time. You have to know things that in the city become pretty worthless. Like knowing what track animals leave behind or even how fresh a new little poo may be. This takes time, time you are outside sometimes in freezing weather or freezing rain. All you have on your are some camo weather and waterproof clothes and your gun. I mean if your fancy and out all day a little thermos filled with soup is always a go to. Definitely helps keep you warm and full for the duration of the time.

Finding the target is always the best part of the game. You have to have a steady hand and a steady mind. Although we technically are the top of the food chain, animals have amazing instinct and senses. One faulty move from the hunter and the target will be gone. You may not be able to find them or another legal target for a day or two. That’s a lot of soup for mistakes that are preventable.

Finishing the kill is an exhilarating experience. With one swift shot the hunter humanly stops the heart and finishes his time out in the wild. Hunting might now be for everyone, but that’s OK.