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Why one’s gap year should be spent volunteering abroad in Zimbabwe?

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A gap year is a sabbatical necessary to rediscover oneself and to better prepare for the long and challenging journey of future adulthood. There are many ways to make the most of gap year. And in this blog, we will discuss how volunteering abroad can be valuable for all those who have just graduated from high school.

Meeting new people, culture, and realities

Traveling expands one’s worldviews and by visiting an African country like Zimbabwe there is no better way to accomplish this, other than to go spend a gap year there. Many of human prejudices regarding other cultures and religions are constructed on preconceived notions and outright propaganda. Such biases only get stronger when people don’t explore the world outside of their ambit.

By volunteering in Zimbabwe, one gets the unique opportunity to meet new people of different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. This exposure eventually helps them to understand the meaning of coexistence. In today’s murky environment, the world needs more people with such a life philosophy.

An opportunity for networking

In the contemporary cut throat corporate market, social and professional networking is key for a successful career. Most of the trips centered on volunteering abroad have people from all walks of life. Traveling with them and spending a considerable amount of time together sometimes result in establishing social and professional connections that prove to be very meaningful in the future.

Volunteering abroad in Zimbabwe instills intrinsic motivation

Volunteering generally help in kindling a sense of accomplishment in people. This internal satisfaction increases when one does it far from the home in a foreign land. Serving people just for the sake of humanity certainly works at some different level to infuse the feeling of fulfillment and motivates one intrinsically. If one is in the quest for such sense of accomplishment then volunteering gap year abroad in Zimbabwe is the answer.

An opportunity to learn a new language  

Learning any new language without formally enrolling into an academic course can be really exciting. One can explore this opportunity while volunteering abroad in the gap year. It always feels good to have an exotic language up one’s sleeve to impress the peers.

True Experience Travel offers several gap year tour packages in Zimbabwe for all those looking to spend their gap year abroad. The company has many customized packages with destinations all over the world and with a wide range of volunteer activities. The company also helps the aspirants in planning their tour according to their given budget.

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Places to visit in Mumbai with friends

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Mumbai, the financial capital of India is a wonderful place to travel. Formerly known as Bombay, the city is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. Tourists who embark on Mumbai travel get a feel of the rich cultural heritage and charming beauty of the place. Located by the Arabian Sea, Mumbai is a popular tourist destination and booming trading hub. If you are planning to visit this special city with your friends, these are places where you should visit.

The ideal time for travel to Mumbai is between the months of October and March. The weather is this part of the year is pleasant. Mumbai mostly experiences a seaside climate. The summer months are hot and humid while the winter months are pleasant.

There are numerous tourist attractions in Mumbai where you should take your friends.  Mumbai was an important establishment during the British rule and as such one can find lots of colonial structures and monuments in the city. The beautiful coastline also adds to the charm. Various sightseeing tours are offered by the both the tourist board and various travel agencies. Some popular points of interest in the city are:

  • Gateway of India
  • Elephanta Caves
  • National Gallery of Modern Art
  • Jehangir Art Gallery
  • Prince of Wales Museum
  • Juhu Beach
  • Chowpatty Beach
  • Shri Siddhivinayak Temple
  • Taraporewala Aquarium
  • Haji Ali’s Tomb
  • Mahalaxmi Race Course

If you wish to go for excursions from Mumbai, you can make a trip to nearby hill stations like Khandala, Lonavala, Matheran and other places. Wildlife enthusiast can make a trip to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali. A number of sightseeing tours to the attractions of the city are offered by private travel agencies and the tourist board.

The popularity of Mumbai as a popular tourist destination and a booming business center has directly led to the huge inflow of travelers. To cater to their lodging needs, more and more hotels are coming up in Mumbai. You can choose from a wide range of hotels as per your tastes, preferences and budget. Most of the hotels provide customers with facilities of high standards completed by warm hospitality.

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Advantages to procure an expert and experienced travel operator close you

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You may consider what a Travel Agent is whether you are not accustomed with this idea. This is a sort of facilitator (can be a Person or a machine) that guarantees your plan for Traveling is done and you remember to get the most basic things your journey. This is incredible since it will empower you to be dealt with and keep up an adjacent focus on your plan.

Sorts of Agents

Thinking of you as, can utilize the help of a Columbus travel agency specialist or notwithstanding programming which can be presented in the Personal phone or tablet. Not only will it empower you to get extraordinary maps, anyway will in like manner give information on the atmosphere estimate or the best exchange rates. The decision of employing a Travel administrator is also available and can truly help you in your primary objective of Planning a Trip.


Because of the Agent programming for Trips, this will turn out to be staggeringly helpful on the off chance that you have to start your Trip through auto. The road bearings will be done and easy to take after. They will give information on whatever remains of the objective or on the measure of miles that you have effectively voyage. Additionally that you will be given street names and the amounts of the avenues. On the off chance that you don’t have guides presented, go on the web and search for a guide that will empower you to get around adequately.


Most solid purpose of intrigue gave by an Agent is that you will have the ability to keep an eye out for your plan and you will make sense of how to check all the basic Places or events all over the place. Nothing will get by you! The online Agent can come as an intriguing option since it will Provide Places and parts that may not be on the once-over. It incorporates bearings the manner by which you can achieve distinctive objectives and will make things significantly simple. An Agent will help you in everything from humble flights, offices, plan and all that you need to know. Basically recall that a Travel Agent will cost you two or three bucks depending upon the hourly rate they require.


Besides, the Myanmar tour agency can similarly get a worldwide ID or even a visa for you or your family if there ought to emerge an event of need. Everyone understands that this Process can take a huge long time and it can be to a great degree distressing so there is no explanation behind doing this for yourself when you can have someone else do it for you. Those people, who are involved or fundamentally too much open to, making it difficult to manage these conditions, can use the Travel Agent as the best course of action.

What to get your Trip?

Programming those courses of action with Travel Planning will go about as a consistent sign of the things that you have to use in the midst of your Traveling foundation. For instance, remember that on the off chance that you go to the Myanmar in winter, the right sort of articles of clothing must be brought and clearly. What’s more, a visa obviously? In the event that you enroll a Travel Agent this will make sense of how to determine each one of these issues for you, go on the web and visit destinations like…

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Here’s How to Plan Your Leh Trip on a Budget

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Leh Ladakh is the dream destination of every traveller. The trip involves time and money, and over the last few years, people of even the slightest interest have been travelling here. With proper planning, regarding finances and itinerary, the trip can be a success. Here are a few tips on how to make the trip on a budget. Leh Ladakh tour packages cost can also be compared before making any bookings.

Travel Time

Travelling during the off season has both benefits and drawbacks. The low season time is in April-May when the season has just started or August- September when the season is about to end. Most of the houses and hotels during this time are empty, and on the spot, booking can be made which in turn reduces the booking cost. Also, the hotels and homestays during this time period offer discounts to the travellers. Moreover, the crowd is even less which will let all the travel junkies enjoy the place to the utmost.

Accommodation and Taxis

The travel is full of uncertainties because of the natural phenomena’s like landslides, health issues or road blocks can occur at any point in time. It’s better not to pre-book anything. If you are making a booking, be sure to check everything. Some hotels provide off-season discounts for the travellers and various other deals. If a person is more flexible with their travel dates, there is an option which further reduces the price. It’s always better to book the hotels which have flexible plans. Places with uncertain conditions will still require you to change your plans at the very last moment. Taxi bookings can also be made online if you get cheap deals or can be done at the spot with a discount during the off-peak seasons.

Group Tour

Commuting and staying in a group is always the cheapest option. For example, having three people in a group will divide the cost of one room among three people. Regarding commuting from one place to another, a shared taxi with a group of 4-5 people can be done. If 1-2 people are going, then bike rental is the best option followed by an SUV taxi for 3-5 people. In case, you have your own bike or car, then self-ride always remains the best and cheapest option with flexibility.


Both money and time are saved if a wise choice is made to eat at the local dhabas or the restaurants. Eating fresh local food is always the best choice to avoid upsetting the stomach. There are several Tibetan eating joints which provide home-cooked meals. In the end, it all balances the budget.

Type of Accommodation and its location

A well-ventilated room with cleanliness, comfortable beds and hygienic toilets is all that you should look for in a hotel room. Most of the time is spent outside, and only the nights inside for which a full-fledged hotel with all the amenities might not be required. The only drawback of such places is the non-availability of food which can easily be procured from the near restaurants or dhabas. Leh is full of budget guesthouses and hotels and won’t disappoint you.

There are many more things which need to be taken care of if travelling in groups it’s always better to share the expenses, and in case of an individual meal, it should be the duty of the individual person to pay for it. Air tickets can be booked in advance to avail off-season discounts. Leh Ladakh tour packages cost low if booked for the whole group. So, now it’s time for all the travel buddies to team up and visit the beautiful Himalayan city of Leh Ladakh.

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Traveling Tips Are Fun And Frugal

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Planning a traveling is fun. Travel activities into a stress-busting activity of a saturate routine. Currently, there are many interesting sights that you can visit.


Traveling has become a lifestyle needs. However, if we are less careful in planning, traveling can actually be a burden, When you want a traveling there must be many things to watch out for. Such as destination, goods bought, funds and many more. When you prepare everything thoroughly, your tour will be more fun. Therefore I will give you fun travel tips with family.

Survey Where Traveling

When You Want To Go On traveling, You Have To Survey The Sights First. Today There Are Many Interesting Places To Visit. By Doing A Survey, You’ll Know Whether The Place Is In Accordance With Your Expectations Or Not. Doing A Survey Does Not Mean You Have To Go Straight To The Sights. Can By Browsing On The Internet, Reading Books, Asking With Relatives And Others.

Do Not Go In the Traveling  Season

One of the fun and cheap holidays is to go not during high session season. At high session usually, the price is more expensive. As hotel prices and airline tickets are also more expensive. In addition, when the holidays in the high session, will be more people. So you can not enjoy the tour with fun.

Long Distance Ticket Days

After a survey and determine when you will travel. Now is the time to book a ticket. Make ticket reservations in advance. From the transport ticket, the inn. By making a reservation in advance you can get a cheaper price. Many travel agents are giving price promos far in advance. So be diligent in checking the tour website for ticket booking.

traveling Finance

Financial problems when the holidays are very important. If you have a special budget for traveling, it’s certainly not a problem. But if you have a limited budget, then you should be able to manage your budget to have a budget for a vacation with family. Always bring cash when traveling. By using cash, you can know the amount of money left so you can save more. Also, keep a record of your spending when traveling. You can take notes on small papers or notes on the phone.

Prioritize Comfort Instead of Luxury

Always prioritize comfort compared to luxury while on travel. If you want a cheap and thrifty tour, you should forget the luxury. But although cheap travel does not mean you forget the comfort. When everything is convenient your travel will be more enjoyable. Such as a comfortable hotel, transportation, travel and many more. Currently very easy to get a comfortable but cheap lodging.

Those are some things you should look for when going on traveling. Exciting just your own tour that can make it. Exciting tours do not have to spend a lot of money. Maybe useful…

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Hunting with Passion Will Make You Happier

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Often when people think of sports or game they think of mainstream sports. Sports usually mean Football, Baseball or Soccer. When they hear game, they think quarters or halves. While all these are correct there is a group of different people who prefer their game to be lean, fast and sometimes delicious.

While hunting isn’t for everyone there is always a group of people that make it their passion. Hunting requires much more dedication than your typical sports fanatic. Whether you like smaller foxes or blackbuck antelope hunting, you need to prepare. In order to get started you have to do a lot of research on what type of animals are in your area. If you plan on traveling to hunt then you not only have to do your research for the animals, also have to look up state or country laws. Then you have to buy your tags as well as any gear. Of course, all of this comes after you are properly trained on the guns you’ll be needing.

Let us say that you have done everything right and then you are ready to get hunting. It’s definitely not as easy as going out there and wrapping it up in 15 or even 30 minutes. After the getting all your gear on and then packing all the camping supplies, 30 minutes later you are on your way! Don’t get too excited you are only on your way to set up camp or your base for the day. So once that is all set up, then you can start tracking.

Tracking is probably where over half of the people either lose interest or give up. It is probably harder than carrying 35 lbs of gear up a mountain for 1 mile. This is something you learn over time. You have to know things that in the city become pretty worthless. Like knowing what track animals leave behind or even how fresh a new little poo may be. This takes time, time you are outside sometimes in freezing weather or freezing rain. All you have on your are some camo weather and waterproof clothes and your gun. I mean if your fancy and out all day a little thermos filled with soup is always a go to. Definitely helps keep you warm and full for the duration of the time.

Finding the target is always the best part of the game. You have to have a steady hand and a steady mind. Although we technically are the top of the food chain, animals have amazing instinct and senses. One faulty move from the hunter and the target will be gone. You may not be able to find them or another legal target for a day or two. That’s a lot of soup for mistakes that are preventable.

Finishing the kill is an exhilarating experience. With one swift shot the hunter humanly stops the heart and finishes his time out in the wild. Hunting might now be for everyone, but that’s OK.

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Get the Most Out of Your Next Vacation by Using A Travel Agency

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Traveling the world is an activity that individuals love to experience at some point in their lives. Being able to see other parts of the world can bring forward new experiences, ideas and even opportunities that were unavailable prior to traveling. The idea of planning a trip to sail on water may be freighting to some or even jet setting to remote island, however, there are agencies who handle all of your travel needs for you. Travel agencies have been around for years helping individuals plan and enjoy their travel aspirations.

You have options when it comes to planning your next vacation destination. Travel agencies have the ability to provide an endless amount of options depending on where and when you would like to vacate. Travel agencies give consumers the peace of mind knowing that any travel issues that may arise will be taken care of by a knowledgeable agent. While there are fees for using their services, consumers have enjoyed being able to leave the planning portion up to someone else. Convenience is key when trying to plan around busy every day schedules.

There are several benefits to using a travel agency when thinking about your next vacation. You will gain value and perks when working with an experienced agent. Often times, the agent will have exclusive deals in which can only be accessed via their services. Instead of spending endless hours doing research on your next vacation destination, you can leave that up to the travel agent who will have all the pertinent information you shall need. Experienced agents are able to provide deals and enhance your trip with perks and surprises that you wouldn’t get by booking your own travel. You might think you’ve scored a great deal online but chances are a travel agent will have even better deals than those posted online. Agents also have the ability to troubleshoot any common travel issues that may arise. They have the option to re-arrange your travel with ease, whereas if you were to book on your own, you may have to pay extra to re-arrange your travel.

Beach destination vacations have always been a popular hit among travel agencies around the world. Agents offer great tropical destinations such as a wonderful Cancun Mexico vacation at low rates. Not only do they offer beach destinations, but also they offer colder climate vacations if your preference is of that. If you’re unsure of where you next vacation destination should be, travel agents can help you with making the decision. They are able to share their passion for travel and offer advice on best places to visit. Being able to have a hassle free vacation experience is one that many individuals enjoy. Travel agents can take care of all your travel needs, from booking your flight, hotel stay, rental car and any extra activities you want to experience while on vacation. Individuals are using the resources that travel agents provide to ensure they are getting the best possible deal for their money.