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This is one of the latest Finns built by Pata Finns Africa and launched during 2015. It is seen here being sailed at Pretoria Sailing Club by its owner, David Humphrey.


 Pata Finns Africa

 The company is based in Cape Town and was set up during 2010 to manufacture and supply Finn dinghies, masts and other equipment.

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    Some facts about the Finn 

    The Finn was designed in 1949 and was selected as the official single handed class in the 1952 Olympic games. Since then the Finn has been sailed in every Olympic competition.

    Over the past 60 years it has evolved into a modern and beautifully balanced racing machine. Boats from every era of the Finn's evolution are sailed enthusiastically all over the world. 

    Internationally, Finn Championship regattas continue to attract large numbers of entries, including the cream of the world's sailing fraternity.

    The Finn Class has always been well represented in South Africa, and today some of the country's best sailors are actively involved at Club, Provincial and National levels.

    A video to showcase the Finn has been prepared by the International Finn Association:


    This is the 13th Finn built by Pata Finns Africa, launched in March 2014 at Pretoria Sailing Club

    Greg Davis and Philip Baum, founders of Pata Finns Africa


    This is Greg, testing some of the new locally made equipment.  

    Photo by Neil Malan.


    Construction of a new Finn.


    An international championship regatta.  

    Photo courtesy of Robert Deaves


    SA Finn half-centenary regatta on the Vaal Dam in 2008 


     Part of the Finn fleet at Pretoria Sailing Club. There are about 35 Finns of all ages at this club.


    A brand new Finn by Pata Finns Africa  

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    • To promote Olympic sailing in the premier Finn Class for the youth of South Africa.
  • To rejuvenate the Finn Class in South Africa at all levels by building and marketing top quality boats and equipment at affordable prices.
  • To promote the Finn Class and Olympic sailing on the African continent.


    Ordering a new Finn

    If you are interested in a new Pata Finn, click on the "Ordering Information" tab (top right) and follow the instructions on that page. Order forms are available and the procedures for ordering boats and equipment are described.

     News updates

    23 April 2014

    The 13th Finn built by Pata Finns Africa was launched during March at Pretoria Sailing Club. "BC" has been set up specifically for the light Highveld conditions and should prove to be very competitive. Further boats are on order.

    6 June 2012

    Pata Finns Africa is now offering an upgrade for older Finns. It is particularly suitable for the DP boats built in South Africa during the 1980's. The upgrade radically improves the buoyancy at the front, and also provides mast step and mast deck fittings with the adjustment range that is necessary for carbon fibre masts. Contact us for more details.

    Some of our new booms are being tested on the international circuit. The results of these tests will be published as they become available.

    2 April 2012

    The Finn Northvaal Provincial Championships were held on the 17th and 18th of March at Aeolians Club on the Vaal Dam. Conditions varied widely, and the competition for medals was tough. David Leigh successfully defended his title, followed by Greg Davis and Philip Baum. Five of the top ten places were taken by boats built by Pata Finns Africa.

    20 October 2011

    Three new boats will be delivered in the next couple of weeks, all of them to sailors in the Highveld region of South Africa.

    Mast production has resumed after a delay caused by a shortage of high modulus carbon material.

    The first production batch of locally manufactured booms is being assembled. Measurements have shown that these booms are both light and stiff when compared with other types. Some of the booms will be exported.

    17 May 2011

    The Finn week held at Saldanha Bay and Mykonos was extremely successful, with nineteen Finns sailing, including overseas visitors. Adrian Brunton from the UK sailed a new Pata Finn, built specially for him in Cape Town, and during the week he shared his thoughts on training, boat tuning and other matters. David Leigh won the Nationals for a second consecutive year, followed by David Shilton, Greg Davis and Adrian Brunton.

    Pata Finns Africa is busy building boat number eight, and will have completed nine new Finns in its first year of production. At the Nationals, fourteen of the nineteen boats were “new generation”, and six of these were locally built. The fleet is beginning to look World Class again.

    24 March 2011

    The Northern Region Provincial Championships were held on the Vaal Dam from the 19th to the 21st of March. The winner was the current National Champion, David Leigh, sailing a Pata Finn. In all there were nine Pata boats which took eight of the top ten places in a fleet of 20. Four of these boats were built by Pata Finns Africa.

    The sixth and seventh boats built by Pata Finns Africa will be completed in time for the 2011 Nationals which will be held at Saldanha Bay at the end of April. All the major components are now in local production.

    3 February 2011

    Two carbon fibre masts have been built and successfully tested on boats completed earlier by Pata Finns Africa. A second batch of masts will be built soon.

    Samples of  locally designed and built booms have been delivered and are being evaluated.

    Manufacture of hulls and components is continuing.

    3 December 2010

    The first carbon fibre masts have been successfully moulded and will be completed in the next couple of weeks. They will be delivered during December.

    A new boom design has been approved and protoypes have been ordered. The first samples will be assessed in January.

    The fifth hull is under construction.

    3 November 2010

    A video to showcase the Finn has been prepared by the IFA. Watch it via this link:


    23 September 2010

    Orders for six new Finns have been received so far.

    Hull manufacture is proceeding well, and the mast-building equipment is almost ready for production.

    Design drawings for a new and improved boom are being evaluated by local and overseas experts. Once approved, these booms will be manufactured in South Africa.

    16 August 2010

    The third boat is under construction in our Cape Town factory. Mast development is continuing.

    Order forms for boats and equipment can now be obtained by following the instructions on the "Ordering Information" tab above.

    2 August 2010

    Greg is busy tooling up to build the first carbon fibre mast. This is an exacting and technically challenging task, and an important step in the project.

    A detailed costing exercise is also under way, making use of knowledge gained in the building of the first two hulls. Once this work is complete, price lists will be made available.

     25 July 2010

    Late in July the first two new boats competed in the Nationals, achieving second and fourth places. They won the admiration of all present at the regatta.


    14 July 2010:

    The first boat has been completed and the second hull is progressing well. These new South African-built Pata Finns will be seen competing in the Nationals at Richards Bay later this month.

    9 June 2010:

    The first boat is now under construction. Today the first hull was released from the mould. The African Dream has begun .....

     27 May 2010:

    The moulds have arrived in Cape Town after a delay caused by the transport strike.

    15 April 2010:


    The moulds for the B4 hull and composite mast are en route from Hungary to South Africa, and manufacturing should commence within the next eight weeks. Pata Finns Africa will start taking formal orders for new boats once the costs of local manufacture have been accurately determined. Order forms and a price list will be made available on this web site in due course.


    2 April 2010:


    Early in 2010 Greg Davis and Philip Baum (two of SA’s top sailors, and founders of this company) visited Pata Boats in Hungary, suppliers of Finns for the Olympic games. They negotiated an arrangement whereby Pata Finns and Pata carbon fibre masts will be manufactured in South Africa. Preparations are at an advanced stage, and the first locally produced boat should be competing in the Finn Nationals at Richards Bay in July 2010. The Finns will be built to Olympic standards, and the intention is to set a price that is very much lower than the cost of importing a new boat. Finns were last built in South Africa in the 1980’s, and so this new venture represents an exciting step forward for the Finn class and for dinghy sailing in general.


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